(meaning ethical + now)
I am an Australian mother, inspired by nature to create honest and sustainable unisex fashion for the minimalist baby with the love of their health and our planet in mind.
Using only natural and organic fibres, hemp and cotton, the garments are made ethically in Melbourne and are all designed to grow with your cub. It is important to me to follow a zero waste and zero plastic policy i.e. the fabric offcuts are turned into swing tags. Using only compostable packaging and natural fabrics which are biodegradable, etc. I am constantly striving for new ways to minimise our carbon footprint.
The philosophy behind Eticora is to create timeless baby staples that have been consciously designed to bring more awareness as a collective towards the longevity of our beautiful home, Earth. Driven by passion for giving children the best head start in life, I inspire to educate on the importance of ethical and sustainable fashion. 
What we do today matters! We owe it to the children to do better because after all, this is their home.
With love, 
Kat x